Tui Shou / Push Hands Training

Tui Shou / Push Hands Training

The Obstacle is the Path

Shifu Chao believes that many of the classic texts about technique have been mistranslated and misunderstood. For instance many people who practice push hands believe that they should avoid the opponents force and always trying to redirect it. The saying 4 ounces deflects 1,000 pound is especially misunderstood. Chao Shifu teaches that dodging around the incoming force  is incorrect. Sooner or later a skillful opponent is going to catch you. Also when you move around like this you are following a cycle, and a skillful opponent might anticipate your movement. Instead he teaches a principal that he calls catching, where you “catch” the incoming force directly while slowly letting it coil down to the ground like loading a spring. Although you are required to applying a lot of force it is not coming from the larger muscles and shoulders, but instead from the smaller muscles, tendons and correct alignment and the ground.


Testing what you’ve learned by pushing with others

Getting beaten in push hands is a great learning experience. Maybe you’ve reached a really deep understanding of the art and that doesn’t happen to you anymore, must be nice. Otherwise once you get the fundamentals down try pushing with different people from different martial arts schools, when we face someone that can easily control us l it is great training motivation and forces us to look at our skill humbly.

The South East Michigan Push Hands Meet Up 

The SEMI Push hands meet up is a great place to see how the training that you’ve been working on holds up in the light of day. It is also a great place to meet other CMA enthusiasts. The group usually meets the first Sunday of every month in Veterans park in Ann Arbor. It is run by our friend Shifu Greg at the Spiral Chi Center. Visit his page to learn more and sign up for the event notice board.

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